A healthier February

"Lose a little weight and get healthier" is one of the items on my 30 before 30 list to achieve before my birthday in November. So when I heard about The Healthy Mummy app I was quite intrigued.  * I have been gifted a free month's membership of the healthy mummy app in exchange for blog… Continue reading A healthier February


#10yearchallenge – A look back to 2009

I'm sure many of you will have seen the #10yearchallenge in some format or another going around social media in the last couple of weeks. The hashtag trend has especially taken off on Instagram with 3.6million posts so far! Even celebrities are getting involved. Many are using the hashtag to share photos of themselves from… Continue reading #10yearchallenge – A look back to 2009

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2019: Focusing on the happy moments

Happy New Year!  I am back to the blog after a little festive break to relax and spend time with the family - the perfect way to start the year! I'm feeling pretty positive about 2019 and I'm looking forward to seeing what can be achieved. I have not made any resolutions this year... I… Continue reading 2019: Focusing on the happy moments

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Blogmas: Christmas as a Mum

Christmas is a pretty different experience once you become a parent... In a good way... Perhaps a little more stressful but definitely also more enjoyable! The magical celebration aspect of Christmas comes back... You now get to see Christmas through the eyes of a child. It's a totally different perspective and a rather lovely one.… Continue reading Blogmas: Christmas as a Mum

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Tesco Photo – Personalised Gifts *

I love personalised items especially if this involves photos of my son, Nathan. Can you ever have too many photos of your kids? You probably can actually and I'm probably nearing that amount! But that won't stop me any time soon! Photo gifts such as a canvas, photo collage cushion or a keyring are ideal… Continue reading Tesco Photo – Personalised Gifts *

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Blogger’s Secret Santa

This is my first Christmas as a blogger and I love little surprise presents, so when I saw a blogger's secret Santa advertised on Twitter I was pretty excited! The secret Santa was organised by lifestyle and mental health blogger, Casey for other bloggers in the UK. It was great to be part of this… Continue reading Blogger’s Secret Santa

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Blogmas: 10 Elf on the shelf ideas

As previously mentioned in our 12 posts of Blogmas we have had our elf on the shelf tradition for the last 3 years. We really enjoy it. We share some of our elf activity ideas with you in today's post: 1. Dress up as a spaceman using tin foil 2. Suggest a movie sleepover in the… Continue reading Blogmas: 10 Elf on the shelf ideas


Blogmas: The Christmas Tag

It's time for a Christmas tag! Thank you to the lovely Holly Da Silva for tagging me in her post... check out her blog if you can... I've been loving her Blogmas posts! 1. Who makes Christmas Day special for you?  Santa! Haha no in all honesty.. My family, especially my son, Nathan. Christmas with… Continue reading Blogmas: The Christmas Tag

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Blogmas: The Spiritualist Aberdeen Christmas Meal

We are getting so close to Christmas now and the celebrations have begun! Yesterday, I went for my first proper Christmas meal of the year with friends, to The Spiritualist bar in Aberdeen for a 3 course meal and cocktails. Menu: 3 courses for £25.00 with gluten free and vegan options available Starter I opted… Continue reading Blogmas: The Spiritualist Aberdeen Christmas Meal


Blogmas: Avoiding the pressure of perfection

So, I missed a Blogmas post yesterday! Sometimes life just gets in the way of your plans doesn't it? I had planned to do 12 festive posts, one every 2nd day in December... this is still the plan just with a slight change in schedule! At first I was annoyed at myself for not sticking… Continue reading Blogmas: Avoiding the pressure of perfection